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Loans Offerer:
CAFCU will consider MATCH or BEAT your current lender or dealer rate as listed when verified in writing. Other promotional rates offered are available and could be considered by CAFCU. *All Loans services are subject to other terms and conditions.
New / Used Vehicles - [with Fico over 720]
20 months6.50 - 7.0
30 months7.5
40 months7.5
50 months7.6
60 months7.40 - 13.9
70 months7.50 - 14.03
84 monhtsSee Loan DeparSubject to restriction and other underwriting parameters for approval
Subject to other Meet or Beat and or promotion options.All Loans are subject to other underwriting restriction
Motorcycle (new only)See Manager
Motorhome / RVSee Manager
Line of Credit (Business or Individual)8.50% - 11.25% [See Manager]
Mortgage Loan See Manager
Member Business LoanSee Manager
Church and School Loans See Manager
All Purpose Loan12.00% - 15%,
Credit Card Buster12.00% - 15%, subject to othr underwriting restriction
Emergency Loan17.00%, subject to other underwriting restrictions
Equipment Loan12.00% - 17% subject to other underwriting restrictions
Certificate or Share Loan3.00% on top of current Share Dividend Paid
Signature Loan15-17%, subject to other underwriting restrictions
Student Loan / Christian Education LoanMax = current school year Tolat Expense / Term Current school year - Paid directly to institution by CU8.50%,
Vacation LoanMax $5000, subject to change annually 10-12%,
Christmas LoanMax $5000 12 months, subject to change annually10-12% [See Manager]
Loyalty Plus Visa Credit Card 7.9% FIXED

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