California Adventist

Federal Credit Union

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Effective as of: Current
New Vehicles
20 months5.50%
30 months5.75%
40 months6.00%
50 months6.50%
60 months7.00%
70 months9.00%
With 10% Down, rate will be cut 1% ; With 20% Down, rate will be cut 2%. Used/New Car Loans. Some Car loans will require down payments: CAFCU will consider match or beat current rates, when verified in writing. *All Loans services are subject to other terms and conditions.
Used Vehicles
20 months6.25%
30 months6.75%
40 months7.25%
50 months7.75%
60 months11.00%
Motorcycle (new only)See Manager
Motorhome / RVSee Manager
Line of Credit (Business or Individual)8.50% or See Manager
Mortgage Loan See Manager
Member Business LoanSee Manager
Church and School Loans See Manager
All Purpose Loan12.00%
Credit Card Buster12.00%
Emergency Loan$700 @ 17% for 7 months17.00%
Equipment Loan11.00%
Share loan5.00% current Share Dividend paid
Signature Loan15.00%
Student Loan / Christian Education LoanMax = current school year Tolat Expense Term Current school year6.50%
Vacation LoanMax $50009.50%
Christmas LoanMax $5000 12 months10-12%
Loyalty Plus Visa Credit Card 7.9%

NMLS# 779875 | NMLS# 1434223